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Quality affordable repair and cleaning of your Oriental or area rug in NY. 100% guarantee on all work, eco-friendly products, same day appointment, quality work.

Every Oriental Rug Is Special to its Owner

Oriental rugs make a stunning centerpiece for any home or office. With their unusual designs, intricate weaves and rich colors (that leave the material shimmering) they are woven in thousands of villages and regions across the East. From India and China to Afghanistan and Iran, many are finished only after hundreds of hours or work. So whether your Oriental rug is a Afghan Blauch or Shindand, a Persian Qum or Tabriz, we understand what it means to you.

In our years in business, here at Orienal Rug Cleaning NY we have met thousands of customers and we see how attached they are to their Oriental rugs, After all, whether purchased it as a valuable investment, received it as a gift, or inherited it as a family heirloom, it naturally has a prized place in their home or office. Every Oriental Rug is special to its owner which is why you need to feel complete trust in the people you hand it over to for care. We promise to treat it as if it were our own, from the moment it arrives at our facility to the moment it is returned to you.

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Our Orienal Rug repair Techniques

We are skilled in a variety of complicated techniques including color restoration, binding, fixing holes or repairing a fringe. We understand that, even if your Oriental rug is not in an area where it is walked on, it may have become faded by sunlight. We use gentle vegetable dyes to restore color and you won't believe the difference, they can make. Moreover, each piece we repair and restore will be cleaned first, as part of the price you pay. We want your rug to be returned to you in fine condition.

Moreover, to save your time and inconvenience (because traffic in New York is terrible) we also provide a free pick up and return delivery service for every rug and a same day appointment for an assessment, as long as you call before noon. Every job we undertake comes with a 100% guarantee - we take the view that customer satisfaction comes first. We are proud of our reputation in NY and the five boroughs, which we have built up as a result of excellent customer service, professional work and affordable prices.

Get in touch with one of our friendly customer service team to find out more about the services we offer and to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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