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Quality repair & restoration services for Oriental and area rugs in New York. Affordable prices, green cleaning. expert staff. 100% guarantee.

Oriental Rugs Are Works Of Art

At Oriental Rug Cleaning NY, we’ve been cleaning and repairing and Oriental and area rugs in New York for many years. Meeting so many customers and talking to them, we are all too well aware of how important their Oriental rugs are to them. Their unusual - and often stunning - designs, rich colors and fine weaves, make them beautiful pieces. Often named after the villages and regions from which they were handwoven in Iran, India, Afghanistan and China, they really are quite stunning.

We offer a wide number of services which include (but are not limited to) the Oriental and area rug cleaning, repair and restoration techniques, carpet cleaning and wall-to-wall-installation. We know that every Oriental rug is a work of art - a Chobi Ziegler hasn’t too much in common with an Ikat and an Ardebil differs from an Afshar - and that it is no easy finding a company who has the expertise to treat them with the care they deserve. Luckily, we are more than qualified to take care of every rug that is entrusted into our care.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning NY

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